Application deadline is  15th November 2019.
Before 15th November one must:
– register via the online application form (-> go to APPLICATION FORM) or by completing the paper form (-> download the APPLICATION FORM);
– pay the fee of € 300,00 (-> go to PARTICIPATION FEE)
– send per mail or post following documentation: an artistic biography of the band; the artistic curriculum of the conductor; a recent recording.

After the official confirmation and until 31st January 2020 the registration has to be completed with:
– a photo of the band (possibly lined-up as for a concert) as an .jpg file;
– 5 (five) original copies of the score of the piece of own choice (3 copies of both pieces in the open category). The organizers will not be held responsible for photocopied scores. After the competition, four original scores will be returned to the bands, a copy will be kept by the organizers;
– a stage plan of the band with number of chairs and music stands in each row (-> download the STAGE PLAN) (-> download the STAGE PLAN EXAMPLE).

Before 27th March 2020 one must send:
– online registration of each musician with personal data and the instrument played filling in the form (-> go to MUSICIAN FORM)