Compulsory piece for the Excellence Category of the 2019 Flicorno d’Oro band competition

The first movement (Allegro moderato), varied rhythmically due to continuous changes of meter, is the most “tonal” of the three movents of the concert, even though articulated in the central part through octophonic melodies. The second movement (Adagio) has subtle and poetic hues, that slant to the disquiet in the central part. The third movement is the “passage” of the concert that awaits the performers! This “Presto”, in fact, is a whirlwind of swirling effects, rapid rhythmic grooves, that bring into serious “difficulties” those who confronts them. Then the octatonic scales, heard in the first movement, are back again and some citations appear, including the twelve-tone series in the composition n. 30 of Anton Webern.