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The compulsory pieces

Let’s present the five compulsory pieces in detail, divided into each category.



Jan van der Roost - COLORES 


Musical colours, timbres, sounds, tonal gradations, sound effects: a kaleidoscope of variations around the sounds that a wind orchestra can evoke, arousing, in each of us, the wonder of a personal meaning. A variety of points of view that well represents the multicultural and international aspect of our competition: an annual event that attracts enthusiasts and experts from all over Europe to the premises of the Palazzo dei Congressi in Riva del Garda.

The challenging composition of the president of the 2024 Jury, Jan van der Roost, will be the testing ground for the bands registered in the Excellence category of the 24 edition of Flicorno d’Oro.





Respect for nature and the territory are themes dear to the Flicorno d'Oro which every year manages to include compositions that deal with these topics. The 2024 compulsory piece for the Superior category is a wonderful piece by Thomas Doss inspired by the majesty and beauty of the mountains of our region. A composition that expressively moves within different languages of the historical twentieth century and which, curiously, cites the theme of the "Song of Andreas Hofer", the Tyrolean hero who lived his youth right near Riva del Garda. A mix of styles and "artistic gestures" that well represents the "mission" of international comparison typical of the Flicorno d’Oro.



Luciano Feliciani - THE RISE OF THE QUETZAL 


The wonder and astonishment induced by the vision of the plumage of the mythical Queztal, the bird, the "feathered serpent" sacred to the ancient Mesoamerican civilizations, were the source of inspiration for Luciano Feliciani. A wonder that is expressed through a refined use of the extraordinary timbral palette and the curious rhythmic combinations that a wind and percussion orchestra can offer; an amazement that will involve and compare the bands registered in the first category for the 24. edition of the Flicorno d’Oro 2024.



Michele Mangani - NOVEM 


The number 9 (novem in Latin) is the underlying theme of this composition by Michele Mangani, a compulsory piece for the second category of the 24 edition of the Flicorno d'Oro 2024.
The main melodic element of the first section refers to the number Nine, the ninth interval is the relationship between the tonalities of the piece, just as the rhythmic structures of the entire composition can be traced back to the number 9 (9/8 or ¾+6/8 ). A piece with great energy that will give great satisfaction to the music bands that will compete in Riva del Garda next March 2024.



Angelo Sormani - WINTERTOUR


Angelo Sormani's educational project developed around the four seasons is an important tool for technical-artistic growth and for enhancing the expressive abilities of a wind and percussion ensemble.

Each movement of the entire cycle of compositions is dedicated to the study of a specific interval: the intervals of the “seconda minore” (January), “seconda maggiore” (February) and “terza minore” (March) are associated with the months that describe winter.

The Flicorno d’Oro will in this way pay homage and remember Angelo Sormani and his work which well represents the contribution of a musician who was able, through his art, to contribute significantly to the development of Italian and European bands.

Wintertour will be the compulsory piece for the third category of the XXIV edition of the Flicorno d'Oro 2024.


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